NFPA 99 2018 Manifold Headers

  • Tuesday, April 26, 2022 10:59 AM
    Message # 12752993

    I interpreted this section that each manifold should have (2) headers and that each header shall have no fewer than (2) connections thus the smallest manifold  header bar set would be 2X2. 

    In the last few weeks I have run into two different Architects that are challenging my interpretation and believe a total of (2) connections is sufficient thus 1X1 would be acceptable.

    I am interested in how others interpret this section and what they see enforced as the minimum number of cylinder connections.

    Thanks The manifolds in this category shall consist of the


    (1) Two equal headers in accordance with, each

    with a sufficient number of gas cylinder connections for

    one average day’s supply, but not fewer than two connections,

    and with the headers connected to the final line

    pressure regulator assembly in such a manner that either

    header can supply the system

  • Friday, April 29, 2022 4:29 PM
    Reply # 12760910 on 12752993

    Right again Richard.

    2 equal headers, each with a minimum of 2 cylinders.  Of course each header also has to last for at least 24 hours.  

    I believe that the minimum liquid manifold can be 1 dewar x 1 dewar x 3 cylinders with each lasting at least 24 hours.

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