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NFPA 99, Next Edition Introduction

  • Thursday, March 25, 2021 9:36 AM
    Message # 10233982
    Kyle Jussel (Administrator)

    The Forum has always served as a great platform to discuss and share our interpretations on a variety of NFPA 99 related subject matter.  Now we also want to offer it as a vehicle to make recommendations for changes to the next edition.  We have added another Forum discussion entitled "NFPA 99, Next Edition”.  This thread is intended to track specific discussions regarding updates that any member is brave enough to post.  If the discussion results in a general consensus, the Codes & Legislative Committee (Legal) will develop a Technical Document to be submitted to the Board of Directors.  Given approval, this document will be submitted to NFPA on behalf of MGPHO as a recommended change to the upcoming 2024 document.  SInce NFPA public input expires on June 1st, we ask that everyone posts their recommendations and provide feedback by May 15th, in order to provide the Committee and BOD with adequate time for the review and submittal process.

    Due to the fact that NFPA has a relatively formal process in place already, we also ask that anyone posting an initial thread do so using the following format:

    1. List the code #(s) and the text included within that reference as it is listed in the 2021 edition

    2. State your recommended change as you would like to see it written in the next edition of the document

    3. Provide a brief statement justifying your reason for the change
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